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Full text of "Incunabula: Ong's Hat- Graphic Novel chapters"

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I am atone,,, 
More alone in the 
Universe than f 
have ever been before... 
in any memorable point 
in time, more atone,,. 

I want CLEAR and 
CONCISE answers. 

Who knows how long 
you'll be aound this time and 
what kind of set-up you'll leave 
me in next time you leave! 

Is this technology real? 
Was I really whisked away to 
Earth2 for a glimpse? 

4f 2% J 

Is Marshall Barnes right 
when he says, in essence "that the 
documentscontain a meta-blue print 
for building actual working devices? 


Is there any connection 
between the Ong's Hat story 
and the Montauk Project? 

Or is this some 
perverse intellectual exercise? 

' 1 


You come back into 
my life after I finally get 
it together, fling dung all 
over it, and you can't even 
tell me why? 



Who the 
fuck are you?